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How to Choose the Best Freelance SEO Consultant

SEO is an important part of any businesses success in today’s world. It perfects your online presence and helps you enhance customer awareness, customer loyalty, and profits. But, SEO is also a big job and it is one that is never-ending. Most people hire a freelance SEO consultant to help them with this task.

Many consultants offer various SEO services. How can you choose the best of the consultants, ensuring you get your money’s worth?

Ask Around

Others who’ve been in the industry longer than you can likely point you in the direction of a great consultant, if you ask for their advice. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, so ensure that you’re asking around. You always want to select a freelancer that is backed by many satisfied customers and a good reputation.

Online Reviews

Free online reviews help you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly concerning various freelancers. Use these reviews to your advantage when hiring a freelancer and learn from the start who’s worth your time and who is not.


Select an SEO consultant based on the knowledge they possess. You can learn more about what they know by asking questions. Perhaps making a list of questions ahead of time is a good idea. A knowledgeable SEO expert will have all the right answers to any questions that you might ask.

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Cost of service is always important when choosing someone to handle your SEO work. Ask for an estimate of the cost ahead of time and use that estimate to compare rates with several other competitors in the area to find the best. SEO work is usually not inexpensive, so do keep this in mind when choosing a professional to handle your work.


The amount of experience the SEO consultant has is important to consider. The more experience, the better because SEO is very time-consuming and challenging. An experienced consultant knows what to do to get the results that you crave.


The services offered from one SEO consultant to the next varies, so make sure that you choose someone who offers what you need.  A consultant who does not provide what you need isn’t worth your time! Do not make the mistake of hiring someone like this.


Take a look at the portfolio of the SEO expert before you hire them, ensuring the work you see meets the needs of your website and company. A company lacking a portfolio should be avoided, unless they can otherwise provide samples of their work. If the portfolio examples do not match your preferred style, perhaps the search for a great SEO consultant should continue.

Use the information above to help select an SEO consultant who won’t disappoint. There are many great choices out there, so take the time to consider your options, using the above factors as a reference. When the day is done, you’ll be glad that you selected an amazing consultant to handle your company’s SEO needs.